Outbound Call


Outbound Call Features

Communication Stream's powerful outbound call features will help you get full control over outbound calls, including Caller ID Blocking, Blacklisting unintended numbers, Blocking International Calls, and so much more...


Caller ID Blocking

All businesses and individuals like to maintain discretion. Our Caller ID Blocking feature helps you keep home and business numbers protected and private. This will allow you to make phone calls without worry and with total discretion.

Three-Way Calling

This feature is similar to a conference call. You'll be able to add and drop a participant to an existing call seamlessly without dropping or bothering the other parties. This allows you to save time, energy, and maximize the productivity of working hours.

Music on Hold

We've all been placed on hold and had to listen to annoying elevator music. Communication Stream takes Music on Hold so far beyond that. It's as simple as pressing the "Hold" button, and your customers will be hooked by our captivating playlist.

International Call Blocking

Isn't it irritating when you get spam phone calls from South America and the United Arab Emirates? With Communication Stream you won't have to worry about anything like that. We'll save you bucks with our International Call Blocking, which allows you to block all calls outside the United States and Canada.

911/E911 Support

It's very important to have simple and easily accessible E911 information for each phone on your premises. That's where E911 comes in. You'll be able to fill out address information seamlessly so you don't have to stress out needlessly in an emergency.

Alternate Caller ID

This feature will allow you to make calls from multiple numbers for the price of one. This is especially desired by call centers that will be dialing leads in far-flung zip codes and want to call from a local phone number.

Extension Calling

Many businesses will be set up with many employees, and oftentimes these employees will be making inter-office calls to each other. That's where Extension Calling comes in. Instead of having to dial out the full phone number of a coworker, folks will just have to dial a three or four digit extension. This will save time and money.

7, 10, and 11-Digit Dialing

With Communication Stream's 7, 10, and 11-Digit Dialing option you now need not dial the area code of a country for local calls.

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