It’s a common saying that the only thing that remains the same is change. Change is constant, change is everywhere, and if it seems that the pace of change is accelerating, that’s because it is! Not only are things radically different from the way they were fifty years ago—thing are radically different from the way they were just five years ago!

Digital technologies and high speed data have infiltrated every aspect of life. We all use smart phones for everything from calling an Uber to texting our friends to ordering a pizza. As an example of how things have changed, twenty years ago you’d go to a local coffee shop, pay in cash, and then sip your coffee while reading a book. Now you go to Starbucks, pay with an app on your phone, and then sip your coffee while answering emails and text messages on your iPhone. Times have changed with technologies, and the better an individual or business adapts to these changes, the more prosperous they will be.

One of the foremost changes in the 21st century world of business is VoIP. VoIP stands for “voice over internet protocol” and it has revolutionized communication and business. Previously, telephone services rode strictly over a physical infrastructure. This meant that copper wire had to be laid between any two locations before a phone call could take place. While this was revolutionary at the time, it quickly became outdated due to limitations in call volume, dialing speed, and capabilities.

With the rise of the internet in the 1990s, the telephone industry was quick to adapt. It leveraged the existing digital networks to connect everyone who wished via telephone. The key difference is that whereas traditional telephone services rode over specially laid wiring, VoIP rides over pre-existing internet infrastructure.

This creates several advantages. First, VoIP is much faster than traditional phone networks due to the speed of the internet and fiber wiring. Second, call volume can be expanded indefinitely due to the scalability of the internet. Third, telephone services can be endlessly customized to fit an individual or business’ needs.

That is why a business should use VoIP. It is fast—just as fast as an internet connection. It is reliable, and drops calls much less often than traditional phone lines. It is customizable, allowing a business to configure features like call waiting, caller ID, simultaneous ring, call queues, voicemail, voice to text, and many, many more. In fact, VoIP is so customizable that though thousands of businesses now have VoIP service, no two services are exactly the same. Each and every service has leveraged VoIP’s flexibility to create a phone service tailored specifically to the business that uses it.

Put all of that together with the relatively inexpensive nature of VoIP and you have a solution of tremendous scope, reliability, and value. That’s why business should choose VoIP.